When and Where

November - The post WWDC event you’ve been async/await-ing for!

The next event is on Tuesday 15th June, 2021.

A cosy chat about all the things we’ll be able to use in a couple of years' time.

Stay at home and have an NSCoder Night.

We continue to have virtual NSCoder Nights over Group FaceTime.

Closer to the time I’ll collect iMessage addresses for those of you that want to attend and on the day I’ll set up a group FaceTime and invite any of you who want to participate.

I don’t think this will be a regular format. I enjoy meeting you in person and we’ll have to supply our own food and beverages. But something is better than nothing.


We usually meet on the third Tuesday of the month at around 6.45pm.

Where (During Lockdown)

Group FaceTime. Ping me a message and I’ll add you to the group.

Where (Post Lockdown)

This is here to remind us of how we used to do things before COVID, and what we will get back to afterwards.

The Fountain & Ink pub conveniently located close to Waterloo, Waterloo East and Southwark stations. It' a modern place that does really nice sourdough pizza. Other items are available. There is also a good selection of beers.

I have a table reserved from 6:30 usually at the back right, by the windows. Just look for the menu on the table that has my name, Abizer, written on it that marks the reservation.

The Fountain and Ink 52 - 54 Stamford Street London SE1 9LX

Upcoming Dates:


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