What is this about?
As the original site says, this is a chance for people with a common interest to get together. Rather than once a week, we do this once a month, on the third Tuesday of the month. As long as you have an interest in programming for Apple devices, you share that common interest.

What Happens?
Whatever you feel comfortable with. Sometimes laptops or iPads/iPhones come out to show off something cool, or to ask for advice about a bug. Or people just talk about things the way that you normally would do in a pub. 

Who shows up?
All sorts. Independent software developers, Contractors, full- and part-time Cocoa(-Touch) developers, students. People who's day job is Windows, but are interested in writing software for Apple devices.

I'm not from London. Can I still turn up?
We have had regulars coming from Poole, Reading and Brighton. We've had drop-ins from the States and Sweden. If you can make it to London, or you are in London on the day just show up.

How will I find you?
Look for the group of people that has a higher than average count of Apple devices. Or, ask for my telephone number and give me a call when you get there. This is not a big pub so if you can’t see us you’re either early or in the wrong place.

Do I need to sign up on Lanyrd?
You don't have to. I set these up on Lanyrd so that others can find out about the meetings or see who is coming. Even if you do sign up, you don't need to apologise for not turning up. 

Is there a FaceBook group I can join?
Dunno. There might be; but I haven't created one.

Do I need to bring a laptop?
Not if you don't want to. People do, but just as many don't. Preferring to just chat. If you don't have a portable device and you want some help with a bug, you could always bring the code along an on a USB key and ask someone if they wouldn't mind having a look for you. Other NSCoder Nights seem to be about the social aspect of getting together and coding (see here and here), but this is how we roll. See, there are laptops on the tables as well.

I'm just learning programming, is this too advanced for me?
No. A lot of people are just chatting, but if you have a question to ask; you'll find people generally willing to explain things to you. Sometimes in more detail than you want; but that's not always a bad thing.

I'm an Android/Windows Phone/Blackberry developer, can I still come along?
Please do, you'll be very welcome. I'm pleased to say that we don't fall into the general classification of Apple fanboys. If you want to see what programming is like on Apple platforms, or want to see the differences between this and your platform of choice this is an ideal place to just come and talk to people about it. You'll probably get asked questions yourself. Nobody gets laughed at or dismissed or spoken down to - it just isn't that kind of group.