Tuesday Night Coder Club

This is the London version of the weekly NSCoder Night meetings that are held around the world. There are some subtle differences, though.

We meet monthly, rather than weekly, and we do so on the third Tuesday of the month.

We are trying a new venue for May 2017, the BFI Bar on the Southbank, near Waterloo. Just look for the geeky bunch.

This is a very informal setup. There is no need to let me know that you are coming, or to apologise if you can't make it. This is just a pub, so come along and find us. You don't have to bring a laptop; you don't have to have a question to ask. You don't even need to be a Mac or iOS programmer; as long as you are interested in programming for Apple devices.

Some people get together before the start for dinner. This is usually arranged on Twitter, and should have the hashtag #nscnlonfood, but I do retweet these from @abizern if I see them and they aren't tagged. It isn't the ideal way of organising food, but it sort of works for now. But pub grub is also available at The Bunch of Grapes.

If you haven't been before and don't want to risk missing us, ask for my phone number by using the Contact Form, or watch #nscnlon on twitter on the day